Niagara Power Transformer is one of the most trusted liquid-filled transformer manufacturers in the world, but we’re not resting on our over 100 years of continuous service. Having recently invested $45 million into our facilities, including enhanced testing and winding capabilities, we’re focused on the future of the power industry. If there’s anything we’ve learned over our long history, it’s that our real power is giving you confidence in our commitment to quality and safety, engineering depth and experience, design nimbleness, manufacturing excellence and production flexibility, and continuous employee engagement – all while maintaining fast and reliable shipping schedules.

A POWERFUL HISTORY WITH A focus on the future

For over 100 years, Niagara Power Transformer has delivered an unparalleled combination of industry experience, design expertise, and manufacturing excellence. As we’ve grown and evolved, we’ve risen to meet the challenges of an international marketplace by serving more than 80 countries. As we approach our second century, we do so with a spirit of innovation and unwavering dedication to our customers.

Decades of Transformer Experience

In 1933, Niagara Power Transformer designed and manufactured our first new industrial grade transformer. Since then we have created transformers that meet our clients’ demands for high quality, engineering flexibility, and optimum performance.

Niagara Power Transformer is home to industry leaders who uphold our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

When joining the team at Niagara Power Transformer, you join a diverse community bent on advancing the power industry.