Decades of Transformer Experience

For 100 years Niagara Transformer has delivered an unparalleled combination of industry experience, design expertise, and manufacturing excellence. As we’ve grown and evolved, we’ve risen to meet the challenges of an international marketplace by serving more than 80 countries. As we approach our second century, we do so with a spirit of innovation and unwavering dedication to our customers.

Our History

In 1933, Niagara Transformer designed and manufactured our first new industrial grade transformer. Since then we have created transformers that meet our clients’ demands for high quality, engineering flexibility, and optimum performance. Discover the history of our company.


Our original company, Erie Electric Corp., was founded by John H. Darby, with a borrowed $300 in capital.

Transformer Assembly in the 1920s


Designed and manufactured our first new Niagara industrial grade transformer.

Experienced History in Power Industry


Designed and manufactured our first new Niagara utility grade transformer.

Power Transformer History


Strong growth in our company requires expansion of our facilities to a total of 10 buildings.

Niagara Power Transformer Commercial Transformers


Expanded into disc winding and on-load tap changing capabilities to support growing utility substation market.


Fred W. Darby becomes second generation company president. Performed first successful short circuit test.

Substation Transformers | Superior Winding Capabilities


Shipped 70 sealed dry type transformers to Antarctica suitable for -70 degree ambient temperatures.

Long Lasting Dependable Commercial Transformers


Completed our 75,000th transformer.


John F. Darby becomes third generation company president.


Shipped to our 80th international country.

Transformer in Dump Truck


Opened our production campus with a $45 million investment in Buffalo, New York.

Niagara Power Transformer Facility


Opened our new $4 million advanced engineering, research, and development center in Buffalo, New York.

Niagara Power Transformer Facility Aerial View


Niagara Transformer Corp. evolves into its new name Niagara Power Transformer.


Celebrating our 100 year anniversary.

100 year anniversary