An Auto-Transformer has one single winding as both a primary and secondary winding. Auto-Transformers are used to connect systems operating at different voltages. This is different from an ordinary transformer which has separate windings for their primary and secondary. An Auto-Transformer is a device that is traditionally used in an electrical system to add to the output of that system. Because this transformer does twice the work with one winding, they tend to be smaller, cheaper and lighter than most.

Transformer Specifications

Niagara Power Transformer offers the liquid-immersed variation of this transformer. A liquid-immersed transformer has a liquid, usually oil but not always, to act as a self-healing insulation from the heat that gets built up within the core of the auto-transformer and dissipated out to the fins. Niagara Power Transformer’s superior engineering expertise paired with its unmatched years of manufacturing experience and high-grade materials allow them to provide the best in-class Auto-Transformers.

  • Up to 50MVA and 10,000-Amperes
  • Up to 5MVAr DC
  • Up to 138 kV
  • Up to 650 kV BIL
  • Copper or Aluminum
  • Disc or Layer
  • Single or 3 phase
  • Vacuum or Resistive Switches

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