Generator Step-Up Transformers (GSU)

Generator Step-Up (GSU) transformers are an essential component of any power station. . Being faced with constantly changing voltage, the GSU transformer must maintain the ability to withstand overloads. This Generator Step-Up transformer is the link between the transmission network and the power station. These transformers are often run 24 hours a day at full capacity.

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Transformer Specifications

The GSU can be built in single and three-phase units depending on the specifications. Generator Step-Up Transformers have to be built to handle an extreme thermal load without deteriorating. Circular or Disc wound type windings are used for high short circuit capability. Niagara Power Transformer’s superior engineering expertise paired with its unmatched years of manufacturing experience and high-grade materials allow them to provide the best in-class Step-Up Transformers.

  • Designed for abnormal voltage fluctuation
  • Low loss design
  • Low flux density
  • Up to 50 MVA base rating
  • HV up to 138 KV, 650 kV BIL
  • LV from 480V
  • Substation style with HV in segregated bus flange connection
  • Sound Level less than NEMA TR1
  • Mineral Oil, Enviro Temp FR3, Luminol, or other liquids

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