Reserve Auxiliary Transformers (RAT)

These high-performance transformers are designed for abnormal voltage fluctuation, and also have the added benefit of having a low flux density, capable of over voltages from generator systems. They are liquid-based transformers which function on mineral oil or any one of many different liquids. The Reserve Auxiliary Transformer tends to have a much longer working life than comparable transformers, with high short circuit strength, while also maintaining a manageable maintenance cost.

Transformer Specifications

The largest benefit of this type of Auxiliary Transformer is the multiple low-voltage windings, which allow the consumer to attach multiple generating units to the given auxiliary supply. Niagara Power Transformer’s superior engineering expertise paired with its unmatched years of manufacturing experience and high-grade materials allow them to provide the best in-class Reserve Auxiliary Transformers.

  • Multiple LV windings for multiple generating units auxiliary supply
  • Designed for abnormal voltage fluctuation
  • Low flux density
  • Low loss designs
  • Low sound levels
  • Circular, disc or helical winding designs
  • Substation style with HV in segregated bus flange
  • LV in air terminal chamber for cable bus or non-segregated bus throat with flange for bus connection
  • Mineral Oil, Enviro Temp FR3, Luminol, or other liquids

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