Iron Core Reactors

Niagara Power Transformers Reactors (Iron Core) are used to increase the power and energy system efficiency as it absorbs and compensates the reactive power in cables and long high voltage transmission lines. Reactors play a key role in stabilizing network systems and increasing the overall grid efficiency.

Transformer Specifications

Iron Core Reactors consist of a copper winding wound around an iron core that has an air gap. Iron-core reactors are used for a variety of purposes, among which are suppressing the a-c flux ripple in rectifier circuits, compensating long telephone circuits, limiting starting currents in motors, and stabilizing the arc in sun lamps, arc furnaces, and electric welders.

  • Low noise level and vibration
  • High efficiency
  • May be used at either the line or ground potential
  • Saturable Core Reactors and Shunt Reactors also available

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